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I was watching 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart the other night and watched him attack Bernie Goldberg and Fox News essentially telling them in not so unspecific words; 'Go fuck yourselves.'


Truly a more beautiful moment in television history but now as beautiful as the following morning. I had made note while watching 'The Daily Show' that I should catch the next days squabbling between Keith Olberman and Bill O'reilly and though I missed the former, Bill-o didn't let me down. He devoted a good solid ten minutes to a discussion with both some stupid hot blond chick with a degree and a republican stance and Goldberg himself.

I found it quite disturbing what I saw on the television as someone with a small amount of education and a large degree of understanding in the field of social psychology.

The first thing O'reilly askes is how come there aren't any comedic conservative success stories? The obvious answer is that conservatives can make fun of the fact that they're raping the rest of the world of freedom, peace and health under the delusion that they're stance is for the better, or that liberals are too unorganized to fix the problems they whine about over various chat rooms, but nobody's going to find it funny if it comes from the mouth of a republican because republicans suck. They always tell us no weed, no parties, no fucking my 19 year old daughter while I'm in the next room. Geez! What a bunch of control freaks... but I'm getting off track...

Bill-o immediately says "Success of Fox News channel shows there's a huge audience for non-liberal presentations."

I struggle with this. People will watch Fox because most of the people alive today spent half their life watching the Simpsons which was always on Fox and never conservative.

Bill-o then goes on to say that Jon Stewart needs Fox news because the other News channels are boring but on Fox the news has all kinds of different perspectives. Then there was a "That's the truth and you know it." before he moves on to the next topic.

Fox may be entertaining, but it's certainly not accurate and I'm not the only person who knows it.

Then Bill-o talks with Goldberg for a minute or two but the ultimate answer that Bill-0 and Goldberg and the blond chick that comes on later agree upon is this...

'There aren't any conservative comics because the people in charge in the entertainment industry are all liberals.'

Think about that for a moment.

How deluded do you have to be to make a generalization as well as an assumption based upon that generalization so calmly and cool? Doesn't a part of your soul die and go straight to hell where you believe people who commit terrible acts do? Jon Stewart may have called you the "Lupis of news" but at leased he doesn't delude himself so that he can continue to maintain a mentality that allows him to delude his viewers.

It's not the emissions that is the reason that we should stop using oil as soon as possible, it's the limited supply of fossil fuels being wasted by every running motor on the planet. Soon air travel will be impossible because we used up the fuel traveling with cars that could be running on corn oil, water, hydrogen, stored solar energy, you name it. It's the trash we leave everywhere, it's the trees we cut down across the world, it's the fishing we overdo, it's the monetary system itself. It has to go.

We designed money thousands of years ago and it's as detrimental to modern society as organized religion and no less destructive. There is no reason we cannot maintain the resources we have, while feeding every hungry mouth on earth except for the monetary system. It makes us selfish, it enslaves us, it takes up all our lives so we have nothing left to give and it allows people to work a meaningless job that contributes nothing to society just to die without health coverage while people that rob others of their homes, possessions and money thrive.

We currently have the resources and technology and man power to build giant building in which food can be automatically grown all day long every day and without preservatives, insecticides or disease and with very little maintenance. No one starves anymore.

We currently have the means to make all public travel across the world automated and so sufficient that automobiles would no longer be necessary but every block could have one anyway just in case someone wanted to use it for some reason.

We currently have the means to stop almost all of todays violent crimes by simply eliminate the need for money and reintroducing the desire for money by rewarding those that do work. We eliminate all the jobs we don't need in the first place, no more middlemen, no more McDonald's, no more pushy salesmen. Hello free food, free clothes, free shelter and free travel safe environment to raise my children in and hello true democracy. What more could you want? That's great, there are jobs that actually contribute to society available for hire.

God forbid though, then what would the retardlicans have to piss and moan about?

Fatwa, you know why there aren't any conservative comedians? It's because nobody likes conservatives. We live in an ever changing world that's growing and changing every day, you can't spend your life trying to control it with legislation and economics, you can only accept it and live or fight it and fail.
The rest of the world knows tis as fact, those that are still learning it are very bitter and unpleasant people we all know and love as conservatives.

If you were ever to allow women to be truly free though, you would fail. Your women are still convinced that men need to support them with money which sounds good to the women and to the guys with money so it's no surprise how you managed to continue to delude these women, but you never showed them that they work in a world you created in the first place that shows no sympathy for those without money.

There is a Satan and his name is The Republican Party...

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