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Life as usual

Some things are always boring, sometimes we just get used to life and nothing can snap us out of our usual sedated mentalities. For instance, we may be driving down the freeway and see an accident and become annoyed with the fools around us slow down to observe. Or maybe we see a front line on a nearby news paper vendor about a kidnapping or a new cure for some debilitating disease but we don't stop to put in our fifty cents for the paper.
On the other hand, we may become mesmerized by the simplest things like the way the wind blows the snow across our front yard or how beautiful the carbonation bubbles that leap up from the top of a glass of sprite can be. It's strange the things that catch our eyes.
I have on occasion found myself caught up in interesting hypocrisies where these both seem to be taking place at the same time, I couldn't take my eyes off of a melting plastic bottle long enough to take it away from the burner I was heating up a skillet on just because it looked beautiful while it sagged and deformed. Or when I first saw the footage of the world trade centers falling down, I was so fascinated by the images of the fire and falling rubble that I was oblivious to the people inside the buildings or even the airplanes until the damage was done. I felt like such a bad person.
I can agree with some of the people that blame it on modern media desensitizing us to some extent, but I think that more over than that it is in our nature to be focused on the things that hold our interest. I can recall instances in my past when I have overlooked the more important issues because I was captured by insignificant things well before I had any exposure to television or radio.
So what then causes these acts of absentmindedness? Is it genetic? One could theorize that our natural instincts force us to pay attention the things that our subconscious perceives as life threatening. But we overlook the things that we are used to seeing like crashes. I think that by nature we all have a bit of ADD in us and we like to pick and choose what we want to pay attention to. I feel sorry for the children whose parents believe they suffer from hyperactivity or ADD or that they are Indigo Children when it seem perfectly logical to me that these children are displaying a natural reaction to an unnatural situation.
We weren't designed genially to sit it chairs staring at a teacher or a computer screen or a sketch board all day every day and our minds are screaming at us to do something about it. All we do in response is feed ourselves antidepressants and go on with our life trying to beat this instinct out of ourselves. We wander why people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. The evidence I've seen to support this is that I am a professional painter. I have met many wealthy people and have gotten the chance to get to know them well as well as many of the other contractors. I have seen that without fail, the people that work actively for a living seem to be happier overall than any rich man I've met.
Bare in mind that a lot of this is very generalized. Feel free to debate me if you disagree.

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