June 18th, 2005


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This is my first entry under this account. I have been a practicing chaoist for about 10 years now.
I was about 11 years old when I converted into a wiccan for, oh say a month when I discovered that it was too cute and fluffy for me. I did some research, I was attracted to Egyptian mythology. I wound up part of the Osiris cult for about a year before I decided that I didn't believe in any of the gods that any religion preached. Then it occurred to me that one trend above all else is that all religions teach that God is so powerful, so infinite, so absolute that no human could possibly comprehend him.
Then I realized that the only other thing that I have also been taught through physics is that infinity is also inconceivable to humans as well.
I thought this made sense, given that God is supposed to be infinite. But the concept of infinity that was what stuck. One day, it just sort of dawned on me that the only thing anyone could have an infinite amount of is nothing. '0' is infinite, but any number above has an absolute set value. One cannot write out infinity in any other way than some arbitrary symbol, but '0' has no limit to it�s nothingness. This is a rather simple way of putting it and leaves plenty of holes for anyone with physics background to pick apart, but this simple theory became the basis of a complex sting of philosophical and spiritual patterns that formed the faith that I have today.
Armed with this new perspective, I was able to see the entire world in a new light. Suddenly my paradigms shifted from one moment to the next granting me several perspective view points at the same time. For if God is everything and god is infinite and the only thing infinite in our universe is nothing, than one could logically deduce that god is nothing. That everything is nothing at the same time. But how could this be? The more that physics proceeds into the future, the more we learn that there is very much less to mater than we had once thought.
I'm getting carried away with myself. The final connection is chaos, the univers's very existence is a paradox and the rules by which it has set to us are paradoxes in and of themselves as well. In fact the only thing that is constant in this universe is chaos. Look around, on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone and everything drops to zero.

One day I picked up a copy of Peter J. Carrol's Liber Kaos and the final gaps were filled in. I had discovered that I was not alone, that others felt this way as well. Now, I am a priest of the temple of Set. Which I treat the same way any priest of the Satanic Church would.
Hello, my name is Mjolnier and I am new to this community.