October 17th, 2005



It's been quite a while since I've written in this, I don't think anyone actually reads this anyway... and if you do, you probably have too much time on your hands. Oh well, not to get too distracted.
Okay, the reason I felt the need to update this today is because it seems I have recently been declared somewhat of an authority figure on chaoism in my community. The nearby spiritual book stores keep referring people to me and I now get at leased a call a day for descent book references. I don't Personally feel that I am knowledgeable enough of the history behind chaoism to be teaching it, so I just keep referring people to various books. However, many of my fellow chaoists have suggested on several occasion that I should hold classes and I have acquired several students over time as well.
I am unsure as to how this has come to be but I feel that there must be more qualified people to teach out here. I have yet to find anyone with a thorough understandings of physics, chaos theory, occultism, psychiatry, and religious history. These are simply not topics that average people will invest much time or effort into. But the goal is to hold an actual class that can be visited every other week for a few months or so that teach the basic fundamentals of above mentioned qualifications. Thereby filling people in on the missing pieces of chaoism.
See, the problem chaoism is that Peter J. Carrol and Aliester Crowley are essentially the literary authority on it but they fail to follow through to the end with their writings. Aliester had a great idea but fails to embrace and run with it. So Carrol does but goes too far by trying to organize it, which you just can't do with chaoism. Luckily, once you have a general understanding of the basic concepts behind chaoism, the vast majority of the rest can be learned through modern physics. Which is kind of the point of chaoism. Well anyway, I don't know what I'm going on about this for, If you actually manage to find this in this whole mess of communities on this site, than you probably aren't going to bump into me on the street because you live within a ten foot radius of your computer.
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