August 25th, 2006


Looking Back

So I just got finished reading my previous entries and... I'm nucking futs! My whole journal is one mental break down after another. All I did was piss and moan throughout the entire thing. Why the change? I mean why am I feeling more optimistic these days? Is it the change in environment? Could it be my girlfriend, does she make me that happy? All I know is that my life is different somehow and in a good way. Maybe it's that I'm around children allot these days.
I anticipate that it will only get better. I'm not in any better of a finnancial situation, if anything I'm in a worse finnancial standing because of the upcoming move and the cancellation fees on my cell phone that I'll owe here shortly. Somehow I have the strength and patience to deal with these things in high spirit. I look at these hurtles in the road as an opportunistic challenge and less like hindrances. That's probably because my girlfriend takes such good care of me what with cooking, cleaning, doing laundry... I'm very grateful. Above all else I'm ecstatic about having this baby, especially with her. It makes me strong where I am normally weak. I feel in ways I never have before. I feel emotions that I've never experienced before.
I'm trying to think of more to add to this... but I can't, so over and out.
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