September 16th, 2006



I used to think in such a way that the world revolved around me, but now that I have started to put other people above me I have become the center of their universe. I have never by any means been a selfish individual(at leased as far as I know), but I have been guilty of thinking that I had to take care of myself or no one else would.
Anyway, this morning I was woken up yet again by one of the greatest women I know that seems to think I'm special for some reason. She takes me out to eat at one of those Japanese grilles and puts up with my annoyances the whole time(I work night shift so I wake up around 3:00pm or 4:00pm and I'm cranky in the mornings). Her son looks up to me like I'm his father. Probably because his real Dad's a bag of douche.
Now I'm getting ready to go to Dawn's house to see two little girls that squeak and squeal every time they hear my name. I feel loved.
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