December 23rd, 2006


Abortion debate

I'm posting this here incase this doesn't make it into abortiondebate

For years I've watched this community, among others. I have traveled across the United States, I have seen many things and met many people. One thing I pride myself upon more than anything else is my ability to look at situations from many different angles and perspectives but abortion debate intrigues me so.
Firstly I should identify my position, I am neither pro-life, nor am I pro-choice. I am anti-choice, and am pro-death. Bare with me.
If there is one constant in this universe, it's death. Every known form of existing 'anything' has a finite survival probability, but moreover...
I have never met a single person that had ever been able to find an ideal solution to any one of life's little problems. If we were capable of making the best decision for ourselves then we would all be rich.
People as a community can't make decisions either. There are maybe two times in the history of the United States where we as a government had made a decision that a more than 65% majority was happy with. In fact, with the exception of removing Hitler(and even that's debatable), there hasn't been a single call made by any power or people that benefited everyone and everything in a positive way. You can't put your shoes on in the morning without screwing someones day up.
My point is, what makes us think that we're capable of making decisions? For ourselves or for others, we have shown through time and time again that we lack even the most rudimentary fourth dimensional thinking. Yet, everyone in this community wants their opinions heard.
As for my hypocritical opinion, I think their's too many of us idiots walking the earth as it is.
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