December 29th, 2006


A new year...

New years eve is in two days. In less than seventy two hours another year will have gone by. I wander if I still have time to make last years resolution and quit smoking...
This year I quit three jobs; got laid off once; became near sighted; acquired arthritis in my knees; ran security for a 2500 person anime convention; helped set up and tear down a 3000 person sci-fi convention; lost between three to four friends, made between three to four dozen; lost two vehicles; painted something like 13 houses; sold 5 Kerby vacuums; made a costume; got back in touch with my grandfather; broke up with my fiencee; acquired another one; knocked her up; borrowed $900.00 from my father and $1700.00 from a rich acquaintance of mine; payed back none of it; slept on a couch, futon, carpeted floor, hardwood floor, cement floor, car seat, futon mattress, mattress found in an alley and an abandoned bus stop bench; lived in four homes; watched a good man die; watched a strong man cry and experienced what it's like to be fought over by five beautiful women(including the jealousy of my male friends).
All in all, this was a very educational year and considering the fact that I have a little boy due in seven weeks and by the time he's born I have to acquire a job, an apartment, and the means to travel to them... next year's looking like it'll be just as interesting.
Good thing I have someone in the whole world that would help me out financially in a pinch... oh wait, no I don't.
Well, at leased I have that "buy a bullet and rent a gun" fund I've saved all these years.
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