January 16th, 2007


American Idiot

Apparently the new season of American Idol starts tonight and my old lady absolutely has to see it. Seems that it's being hosted right here in Minneapolis. She doesn't seem to understand just how deep my hatred for mediocrity runs. Bridezillas, Judge Maria Lopez, Judge Joe Brown, Who's Wedding Is It Anyway, American Idol, Inside the Womb, Nanny 911, etc. I have actually dreamed about brutally murdering the hosts of these kinds of shows. With the bleeding and the screaming and the broken bones and the salt. Good dreams, right up there with the "keep a rocket launcher in my car with me when I'm driving" dreams. Is it odd to have wet dreams about killing stupid people?
I wander if I'm the only one that's noticed an increasingly larger number of reality shows spreading across the nation like a cancer? They make the hair on my neck stand up just thinking about why they're still being broad casted. I go blind with hatred whenever I see a Survivor commercial.
Then again, I suppose that most sitcoms aren't really any better. I like Scrubs, but Everybody Loves Raymond makes me wish I owned a nuke. Perhaps it's just the level of intellect that goes into making these. I don't like shows that are designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I like shows that make me think. I like to watch the Discovery Channel and National Geographic, but I also enjoy stand up comedy(intelligent stand up) and of course a good movie now and then. Maybe that's it.
Why can't she just have better taste? I don't like fighting with her over what to watch, but I don't want one of us to sit there watching something we hate either.

This is what my personality reverts too when I have nothing to do but watch TV for months on end...
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