October 23rd, 2007


Happier Days

Well, Jen's out of the hospital and back to normal. It's nice seeing color in her face again. I guess what happened was when she was helping her friend move to her new house, the house had been infested with mold along with people smoking inside with her and they were burning insense and candle throughout the entire house and with all the odds stacked up against her, she crashed and quick.

She's doing better, but she's on a lot of medications that are messing with her head and body. She has her bad moments, but they are outweighed by the good. It has hit her how close she came to actually dying, she recalls waking in the ambulance and still unable to breathe thinking she was actually going to die and that's a scary thought. She's happy to be alive and home with the family, although she's down one Jonny Depp shirt (EMTs had to cut it off of her and ofcourse she's mad at the fact they cut right across Depp's face instead of aorund). She also came home looking like a pin-cushin, over 8 needle marks and counting. She doesn't remember ever going down, but it's an image I can't forget, it must have played over in my head over a million times that night they took her away. The EMT who stayed behind with me even said in all his 10 years at this job, this was the worst asthma case he's ever seen.

And I'm making good on my word, every moment I'm with her I'm cherishing the time we're spending together. She's so good to me and she tells me all the time how wonderful I am to her.

Right now I couldn't be happier.
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