May 25th, 2009


The system...

I haven't written much about my views on society, politics, or economics. I typically keep my opinions to myself if they can be perceived as being shoved onto others so I have avoided such until now.

To all you religious people, all you conservatives, all of you capitalist scum bags out there. You are losing.
You failed to keep rock n' roll down, you failed to keep Jesus in the schools and you are failing miserably at something as simple as keeping followers. Abortion continues to be legal and it will never be illegalized, more and more states are making pot legal and the very capitalist structure that you made is falling as well. You couldn't stop women's rights, pagan religions, homosexuality or Atheists from coming out of the closet. By the way, I'm an Atheist too.

In just few more years, your next expected "Armageddon,"(It's 12/21/2012 now, right?)will come and go with little more than the loss of even more followers. Capitalism will fall, Religion will fall, bureaucracy will fall and maybe the rest of us can finally have our planet back. There is no Neburu, there is no Antichrist, there is no God and there is no End of Days. Sorry.

Look, you overpopulate the planet with people, then while raising us, you try to teach us that gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, lust and envy are bad. Then we go out and try to live in a planet of people that hold these morals and condescend to others for these sins, yet commit them themselves. We grew up listening to you tell us that we need to go to college and get married and have children while trying to climb up the corporate ladder. You told us to keep our elbows off the table, sit up straight, listen to our teachers, respect our elders, get good grades in school, do what we're told and keep our mouths shut.

Well, it is now 2009 and we have grown up. You are now the middle aged people watching your parents die along with their moral codes and religious belief systems. As you watch them die, please notice that we have grown up and it is now you and us. We are the future and you are the past. When you die, religion, capitalism, politicians, middlemen, money and "the American dream" will die with you.

Psychology is horribly influenced, if not directly molded, by sociology. Your sociological paradigm tells you about Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, etc. all concluded with the moral of "We lied to you." Puberty has the psychological trauma of "sex is wrong" thrown in with all the other life changes you endure. Then you graduate and move out into the world where you learn about all the other paradigms that people have. What I learned is that every single institution, including the delusion that the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc. are entirely made up by us. We created capitalism, we created religion, we created the entire sociological zeitgeist that some of the less intelligent still perpetuate by impressing these outdated views upon their children. Sadly, many of these fools are so deluded and consumed by these concepts that they fight to defend them like the people in the Matrix. We are slaves from the moment we step into this world because we are born with a debt attached to us that requires us to work a job for the rest of our lives to survive. The only difference is the lie that somehow this economy is the best we can come up with. In fact, it is not only flawed, it is unsuccessful.

There are two kinds of people in this scenario, people with lots of money, and people with little money. Those that can afford it buy the best products because they believe that they are getting a better deal and those that are poor buy cheap because they want to save money. The problem is that you are both being ripped off. The Lexus that the Republican next door is made with the same cost effective (aka cheap) materials as the Toyota the Democrat next door owns. Sadly, these are both made by the same people and they will both break down in a few years because quality materials are too expensive for the maker to use. In the end, there is nothing that this the stink of profit hasn't inhibited the quality of. This is perpetuated by the fact that people have been diluted into believing that this is somehow better than other economic systems. Communism has been attacked and degraded by these very fools that it might as well be a swear word.

The "End of Days" that you all believe is coming, truly is. It will not be the end of the world though, it will not be the end of people, Hell will not claim the planet and Jesus will not save you. What will happen is that someone will lose patience and try to "save" the world by claiming that he/she is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and obtain followers. Then, when the "rapture" come, he'll tell all of the idiots to "leave this world," they'll all kill themselves in faith that they will experience something other then death, and all of us "meek shall inherit the Earth." Armageddon shall be the end of Religion and the birth of the age of science, understanding, knowledge, the first true democracy and peace.

"The reason all of our religions and institutions are failing is because they're no longer relevant." Bill Hicks
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