June 4th, 2009


What a bitch...

This morning I had a short conversation that I just wanted to save to my journal.
Jen awoke with an abrupt jerk, "Shit!" as she spasmatically reached for her ringing cell phone, elbowing me in the chest in the process.
"Sorry I elbowed you... I'll give myself another 5 minutes for cuddle..." as she rolled back over into the covers.
"What are your plans today?" I asked.
"Going to help Chris pick out a truck! Remember?!" She always asks "Remember?" when she knows she hasn't told me in the first place so I immediately take the defensive.
"No. Honestly, I don't remember anything about that..." Knowing where this conversation was about to go and hoping to avoid the whole "You never listen" argument. A minute or two passed in silent cuddle when I asked her this; "Why don't you take Tristan along with you?" This is where the conversation took it's turn.

Jennifer let out a long, annoyed sigh, "You want me to drag Tristan from place to place while we look at trucks?"
"You mean like we just did in Albuquerque and Tristan loved it?
"We're test driving trucks!" Her voice getting louder and higher.
"Wait, you're BOTH test driving trucks???"
"Why are both of you test driving trucks?
"Because Chris is looking for a new truck?!!!" Her voice has steadily gotten more frustrated and loud and now she's beginning to yell.
"That's cool, but why do you need to test drive too? You're not buying a truck???"
"BECAUSE! Oh my god...." She would have continued but I was a bit annoyed at this point.
"Why are you yelling? You have no problem telling me to stay at home and watch the kids all day while you go running around with your friend Chris, but god forbid I inconvenience you with some simple questions!"
"That's because they're STUPID questions!"

"That's because they're STUPID questions!"

"That's because they're STUPID questions!"

The sentence repeated in my head a few times as I tried to avoid contemplating the complete lack of respect in her voice. Even still, knowing full well that the entire reason that she was being so defensive in the first place is because she knows that she never told me about her plans today. She knows that it's unfair to constantly leave me alone with her son all the time so that she can escape these two bastard mistakes of hers and forget about her responsibilities. I forget about the cardinal rule that have for a moment, "Never, ever forget; You're doing it for HIM!" and I say it.

"You know, you're a fucking bitch!

She didn't say much after that. She just got dressed and left, now I'm here typing this down before I have to go feed her son for her and watch his problem child ass all day while she drives new trucks around with her friend.

I never win...
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