July 29th, 2009


Sociological theory...

My belief is that religion is thew side affect of ignorance. With 92% of the world's scientists claiming Atheism, the United States having both the second highest percentage of religious populous along with one of the poorest education systems in the world. These facts tell me a number of things:
1) The ignorant are far and away more likely to be religious, which explains fanaticism, fundamentalism and religious murder.

2) Since the most intelligent people in the world became Atheists through their pursuit of knowledge, there must be no God, and I know this because no one that disagrees possess mental powers that these scientists do not.

3) There's no fucking reason for religion. If you are so afraid(or hell for that matter) of death that you feel the need to believe in some invisible sky Daddy that will grant you an afterlife, then do so. However, you don't need to go to church to do this. In fact, with more than 200 forms of Christianity alone in the United States alone, not to mention the other hundreds of religions and branches they each have; there's no possible way that you can ever know that your religion is right and yet you do. You KNOW it.

4) ALL of the most horrific and EVIL shit that has EVER happened in the world was religious. This disappoints me because I know so many people that are good people and try to make the religion they follow into something positive and good. Yet every time I turn around it turns into something not just evil, but burning people alive kind of evil, fucking little boys evil. Religions are the WORST places to get moral fiber.

5)This bullshit concept about "Armageddon coming soon so there's no need to conserve the plannet" is the most horrific thing yet. Now we're going to let the whole world and all it's many millions of life forms and cultures ecosystems go to shit, all because you believe, word for word, the writings of a book that also say that it's alright to sell your daughter into slavery, stone your disobedient children and that it's alright to sacrifice your son to "God" if the voices in your head tell you to.

6) We handed our country to President Bush with the largest surplus in American history(3 Trillion dollars), and he gave us back the country with the largest deficit ever(11 Trillion dollars). He destroyed our relations with a dozen allies and made us the laughingstock of the world. His "War on Terrorism" butchered our constitutional rights, cost us our current debt(not the fall of the WTC), which in turn cost the world it's current debt which is still getting worst(despite what the news would have you think). Bush killed America and destroyed the world with his constant disregard for Congress's objections of his methods which included destroying your rights. We sacrificed our retirement pensions, our homes, our children and our futures for this war on Iraq and even if you look at it from the most positive possible light, we still lost it all for oil. Now, if you are accused of being a terrorist, you can be taken from your home, given no rights to a lawyer or even a phone call, all your property can be confiscated you can be tortured, deported and imprisoned for years without evidence(This has all already happened to numerous people, so you can stop your internal duologue about this being a paranoid conspiracy theory), all in the name of fighting terrorism. Here's a link to one such story... http://whitehouser.com/war/bush-torture-arar-terrorism/
Here's the best part: on average, 70 Americans die from terrorist attacks each year and we spend $161.9 billion to prevent it, yet on average, 450,000 americans die each year from coronary heart disease and only we spend about $3,000 to fight it. The USA today has 224,457,000(85%) Christians living in it, many of whom voted for Bush based entirely on his religion because Christianity convinces people that only Christians have "decent morals" and that investigating the authenticity of such a claim is for hieratics.

Judaism, Islam and Mormonism are no better that Christianity and no matter how hard we try to make these faiths into something positive, they well always and forever hinder the progress of society from evolving and there will always be War and murder in the name of religion.

Stop going to church, by paying money to these orgonizations you only perpetuate the existence of the most destructive orgonizations in the history of mankind as well as all the delusional concepts that hinder the progress of society as a whole. If there truly is a God then it would want you to interpret your Dogma in your own way and to be humble with your faith. Doubt is humble, it's smart, and it's fair. It's time to wake up and see what damage religion has done and is currently doing to the world from the Muslims killing the "Infidels," the Christians electing president Bush because he follows the same religion(and if you still think he did "the best he could" then you might have forgotten that we handed him the country with a 3 trillion dollar surplus

That's just my view on the facts though...
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