August 1st, 2009



Atheists account for 16% of the American population, 92% of the world's scientists and are a growing minority. We are a huge minority, there are more Atheists in the United States then African Americans, Homosexuals, Asian Americans and all the other smaller minorities that have college scholarships and other advantages.
I don't know if God really exists, deep down I feel like there is a God and even Jesus, though I don't think I'll ever subscribe to the concept of Satan. I live my life like an Atheist because I believe that religion gives people too much comfort and often leads to unnecessary violence. The War on Iraq is an example of religious war continuing even today. The truth is that the Islams hate us because of their religious views, and we Americans have different morals and values due to our religions too(more than 80% of Americas are Christian). I chose not to believe in Heaven, God or Armageddon because the planet is dying around me while others have these excuses to ignore this unsettling fact. We are intricately involved with the ecosystems and weather phenomena of Earth and yet we destroy it because of the pompous notion that the world was God's gift to us and that it's all going to end some day anyway, or God could always make more animals. These ideas are killing us in that they inhibit us from taking greater action to saving the planet.
I believe that the single most important thing that the whole world should be focusing on is working to reverse the damage we've done and are doing to the planet. We doom ourselves if we don't take action soon.

This brings me to my point. How do you unite the world?

You can't, everyone feels isolated from everyone else. Everyone seems to dislike everyone else. A lot of people want Armageddon to come because of the utter loathing they feel toward their own neighbors. It's not their fault they feel that way, a few hours a day in traffic would make anyone grumpy and the fact is that everyone is competing so very hard over every available career field, each with their own sociological structure that you must learn and abide to, then there's bills, mortgages, insurance, credit scores, money, money and more money to stress over. You get so frustrated and you wonder why nobody else seems to have this much trouble. America is full of pent up frustration, and we take it out in creative ways. Religions give us something to fight against but more importantly, we get violent, hateful, stubborn and often stupid. alcohol, drugs, politics, the military, science, LiveJournal, television, gambling, climbing the corporate ladder, raising children, sleeping around, etc. we all have our religion if whether it has Dogma or not. We compete and we wait in line for the whole of our lives and it's driving us mad so we seek a philosophy and we live by it. The multitude of beliefs that separates us is extraordinarily difficult to a society as large as ours to overcome but look around!
When my mother was growing up she heard about school shootings all the time. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and I heard about one. One school shooting, so infamous that people remember it and cry about it to this day... Columbine... This is an extrordinarily positive thing. For all the complaining we do as a society, we are evolving into something wonderful and beautiful so very quickly. Crime rates in all the world's major cities is at an all time low by percentage of the populous. We are appalled at violent acts upon each other more fervently than ever before in history and we have technology to thank for it. Wars have fewer casualties and get resolved with less blood shed.
Technology helps us become more tolerant of others, we communicate with people across the world sharing almost anything; music, pictures video or even a simple text in the blink of an eye. The internet is getting more and more easily accessible to everyone. We're getting more depth from the plots in our movies because the old stuff just isn't keeping our attention anymore. We're getting smarter as a society at an incredible rate and we're learning to coexist with each other and hopefully eventually illuminate violent acts against people all together if not reduce it dramatically. These are positive things I'm seeing. Technology is illuminating the work force which means that in the future not everyone will work and the jobs that will exist will be in more rewarding career fields, such as engineering, agriculture, space exploration, archeology, computer design and programming, and other fields that will benefit society as a whole. This will free us from the mundane jobs at McDonald's leaving us with more free time to spend raising our families, learning, being creative and enjoying life. We just have to tolerate the stabilization of the economy in the mean time.
The only thing that truly worries me is the condition of the planet, I wonder if the planet can support us as life long enough for us to get there. We have the technology and resources to feed, clothe, shelter and offer transportation to the whole world, not one person excluded and 8 years ago we had the money to do it too. If we automated everything we possibly could in manufacturing with our current technology, we could illuminate 80% of the worlds working force in a year. That's a lot of gas saved.
If we uploaded all known resources in the world as well as some basic mathematical programs into a computer, it could tell us what the best materials to use for the environment as well as the quality of the product being made. If we made products to their fullest quality, there would be hardly any waste because the product would last your whole life which reduces the number of items needed and waste produced while offering you, the consumer, the best quality product a super-genius computer can design.
Homes could be built this way, completely relocatable and interlocking with others so that you could stack them and still be nicer that the richest man't mansion.
The economic system we have is actually inhibiting us from evolving as a society. Competition has us producing cheaper and cheaper products at higher prices every day. Plastic cars costs 10 times as much as their older solid steel counterpart cost back in the day.
It's time for us to evolve, and let the chips fall where they may. We can make a world for ourselves that we can see. Not our children's' children's' children, but us. Here and now, we can start paving the way for a brighter future and if we all did just simple little things to work for this future, we could see it before we expire and we can finally feel like we've left something good behind for our children.

If you agree with this, or are intriqued, then please look at for more ideas about the future from a man that knows more about the future than anyone else alive. Jacque Fresco has been working for 60 years on ideas about how we can easily progress toward this end and in a fast and effective way.
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