August 10th, 2009


Pep talk...

This I promise to myself,
A vow upon blood and grave,
I will change the world.
The road will be long,
the journey will be fierce,
the work will be far
the perils will be great,
But I will change the world.

Our food is unfit to eat,
Out water, unfit to drink,
Our air, unfit to breathe,
Our words, unfit to heed,
Safe is a word of no meaning,
Freedom is an illusion,
Democracy is a joke,
The planet in danger,
Our own lives endangered,
No more food,
No more air,
No more homes,
No more water

I will change the world,
If it kills me trying,
I WILL change the world

The technology is here,
The resources are here,
The power is here,
The method is sound,

We can make you better,
We have the technology,
All I need to do is find a way.
I've got all the time I need.
I will find a way to change the world.
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