October 11th, 2009


Tristan's going to get himself killed...


A few years ago Tristan got a "Lucky the Talking Spring Horse" for Christmas. Within minutes I was already driven to the brink of madness with it's stupid ear worm song that it sings.
"I'm a little pony! Clippity Clop! Clippity Clop! Such a pretty pony! Clippity Clop! Clippity Clop!..."
That aside, I was happy to be silently annoyed with the dumb thing to avoid ruffling the feathers Tristan's grandmother who bought it for him.
Nevertheless I , having constructed the damn thing, was nervous about what I considered to be a design flaw I perceived to be potentially dangerous. What you cannot see in the image is that the horse is suspended by four trampoline stile springs which hook onto steel loops on the horses rear and front foot rests. They then hook onto some plastic fittings which protrude from the supporting bars which suspend it. These plastic fittings are only about three inches long and they are held inside these rather thin tubes of metal with a single, 1/4 inch screw through each pipe and into the plastic. You can't see this because in the image they cover it up with a matching red plactic sleeve which is theoretically for protecting your child's skin from the tensioner spring.

Today I walked into my son's room this morning, saw that it was broken and fixed it for him only to find that he had pulled it apart again before I was even done making breakfast and he was struggling to fix it like Daddy just did before Daddy sees...

Here's where my concern lies. The front right spring won't stay in the pipe without the screw which is simply gone now. If it were to give out with a child on it, then suddenly the child would fall face forward to the right straight into a protruding pipe. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid, but I've seen a man in the hospital with an anchor through his head at one point in my YouTube.

I took the toy away... I'm debating whether or not to throw it in the trash or store it till he's older and returning it to him when he's grown up for sentimentality. What if someone else's child does have the accident in question and loses an eye?
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