November 6th, 2009



Insurance companies are the lowest form of scum on this planet. They should be outright illegalized altogether and a new system needs to be instated to insure that people have some real options if and when something happens.

Every time it has ever actually mattered, every insurance company has repeatedly failed time and time again. We pay these companies to keep our interests safe, they take the money and pay themselves with it until an occasional auto accident or house fire occurs in which case they find whatever excuse they possibly can to not pay. They fail over and over again to protect people which the whole reason we have them.
Why the fuck am I required by law to pay for auto insurance that won't do me any damn good anyway? IF they ever decided that there is no excuse to not pay, they'll just jack your rates up anyway!

We pay these companies hundreds of billions of dollars each year to protect our investments. We invest in these companies and when it actually matters we get nothing. They failed again and again to protect the investments of the people in New York, New Orleans and across the country in our daily lives.
Health insurance caters to the rich only. If you think otherwise, you're wrong. Insurance comes in a variety of packages and only people that can afford to pay thousands of dollars a month get real insurance coverage. The rest of us face a battle with some attourney hired by the insurance company. His job is to make sure that you pay for your own vehicle repairs, medicine, surgery, house repairs, furniture, etc.
Their job is to convince us that they have our interests in mind but they really do not. They take your money, and refuse to give it back if they can find any excuse they possibly can to not pay and when we actually needed them to do their fucking job in New Orleans, they failed spectacularly.

These are the companies that drag down the economy. We keep creating these middleman positions, we automate and outsource our labor and they charge more and more money for the plastic cars they make today. The rich are taking more, the middlemen are taking more and the labor force is getting less and less.
We BUILT this fuckin country with the strength of our backs! We ARE the founding fathers! Carpenters, craftsmen, manufacturers, farmers, they all gave us the country we have today and yet more and more of us are going out of work! Meanwhile CEOs for these companies that bankrupted the economy in the first place and stole our homes from us get nothing less than the red carpet treatment from our own president.
Our economy is more than $14 trillion in debt, 6 Trillion or more went to bailout the very companies that are responsible for our situation in the first place. This pisses me off to no end because I really wanted to trust Obama but he really let us all down with these bailouts. He left the companies we actually need out to die and gave trillions to companies that turned around and bought more cars for their CEOs with it.
They are criminals of the worst kind and should be given nothing less than the death sentence in my opinion.

When I learned that Obama wanted to nationalize health care, I was thrilled. This was the first real idea that could possible do some real good for the american people and the insurance companies immediately started to complain. They came up with every excuse they could possibly think of to make it seem bad and now a huge number of republicans are against it. Go figure. They spammed the media in every possible corner with propaganda that healthcare will somehow magically bankrupt the country and people are buying it. The insurance companies have taken over the world. They run america now. These companies are among the wealthiest organizations in the world and they pick and choose which presidential candidates we get to choose from. Where do you think these politicians get their funding? Insurance companies are the largest campaign contributors, plain and simple.
Now, they have profit in mind when they take any action. What does that tell you about who we get to choose from on voting day? Presidents are put in power to keep things the same.

What happened to this country? Our forefathers would have tared and feathered these people and run them out of town for the crap they are pulling!

So the bottom line is this, these men run our country with the money they convince us that we need to pay them. They have direct ties with the vast majority of every politician from both democratic and republican parties and they control directly influence our government. Our economy is in it's current condition because of the crap these assholes pulled and what did our politicians do when the chips started to drop? They bailed out the insurance companies. Think about it.
The real reason you are required by law to wear your seatbelt is because the insurance companies don't like to pay. I've found that a lot of the laws that don't make sense will start to make sense if you think this way.

I think we're going to see some really cool shit in the next 30 years if this trend in free thinking continues. Perhaps there will be a revolution in our lives.
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