December 11th, 2009


Dominium Appartment Management Co.

Here's the set up:
Today Jen's car was towed because she failed to move it before the snow plows came. She was struggling with her asthma for several hours by this point but when she looked out the window and began to scream. Her mother called and I was on the phone with her when Jen's panicked crying began send her asthma out of hand. I told her mother to come get her and take her to the hospital and Jen went downstairs to wait. I stayed behind to watch the kids till she called me from the hall.

She told me to call 911 so I sent for some paramedics to the usual address and headed back to find her leaving in her mom's car. I rushed out the door with both of the apartments phones in my hand to ask her what I was going to tell the paramedics when they arrive(a foolish move but I was slightly panicked), and wound up locking myself outside without a coat or hat in the Minnesota winter. Jen told me she didn't have her cell-phone(she has the buzzer set to her cell) or the keys so I told her I'd ask the office to let me in and headed that way.

Here's where the story get's irritating.
Into the office I went with both phones in my hand in a button up shit and slacks on in the middle of winter a day after a blizzard. I introduced myself to the man behind the desk as Jen's babysitter, explained that she is on the way to the ER in dangerous condition, mentioned that there were two children upstairs unattended and as politely as I could, asked him if he could let me in the building.

The manager lady I have been having trouble with since we moved in interrupted the conversation and said "Are you on the lease?"
"Then no, we can't; you'll have to have one of the tenants let you in."
I began to turn with a frown, completed a 180 degree turn and held up the phones in my hand. "Well, is there any way we could call her and straighten this out over the phone?"
"She would have to come in here personally and give me a written letter with her permission or we would be legally liable."
I turned away while she was still talking and began for the door completely unamused when the man I was speaking to said "I'm sorry...?" as if asking for forgiveness.
"I understand." I announced monotonously as I reached and opened the door.
"Are you alright?" The man asked.
"I'm not great..." the door closed behind me and finished the conversation under my breath, "... why is she even here? Why would anyone want someone around their home to tell people 'no' all the time? Oh, and tow are fucking cars!"

I wound up piggybacking on a tenant despite the police's repeated attempt to get in with the emergency key set. The insisted on coming upstairs to make sure everything was on the level. They had a look around, asked me some questions about my relationship to her and the kids and then they left. I then got a call from Allina hospital, it was Alanna asking me if I got in alright, I told her what she said and she recommended that I document the situation so here I am typing this down.

My last conversation I had with her was a few months ago and went like this:
I was taking out the trash and put a potholder in the door to let myself in with but she was in the building and came out as I reached it.
"Oh, that's mine, I was just taking out..."
"Okay, you can't hold the door open."
"I'm sorry.... I was just taking out the trash though."
"Oh, do you live here?"
"No, I'm just the babysitter."
"Uh-huh." She couldn't have been more condescending or sarcastic.

The situation is getting interesting because the sub flooring in the apartment is rotten and collapsing, the toilet sits at a tilt because of how bad the sub flooring is. The promised Jen a heated garage when she first moved in and then changed that to no garage but she can have a perking permit. Jen tried to fight it but of course she just held a piece of legal paperwork in front of Jen's face and told her to get fucked(figuratively speaking of course).

Why do we need to tolerate this shit? Management companies are all the same. They lack any real human compassion, they throw a new paint job on the building, change the name to include "Luxury" in the name and then charge $200 more per month. The manager sits at a desk all day collecting salary and hands out threatening letters to the tenants that miss their rent once a month and when someone without any warm clothes on cames walking in with a genuine problem and needs help, they turned me out into the cold!

So basically, management companies piggyback on the revenue of the apartment complex and serve little more function than to piss off your tenants. How do they convince apartment owners to let them run their buildings?
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