February 18th, 2011


God damnit!

1) The only opinions about my relationship with Jen that matter are those of people who have actually lived with us and seen her behavior and mine first hand. Fortunately for Jen I have more integrity than she does and ignored every family member and friend who slandered her over and over again and made the most horrible predictions about her that would actually later prove to be accurate. If you're talking to Jen about our relationship and you haven't even seen me in more than a year, then you really need to shut the fuck up because your advice is coming from ignorance.

2) Numbers don't lie. Jen's convinced, apparently because she cannot add, that she's been paying all my bills for me but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact it was only two months ago that I stopped bringing in my share of the rent. November I was short 30 bucks as was Jen, December and January I had no work. So in total Jen's covered $680 worth of my rent which is about 1/3rd of what we have to cover in groceries and utilities she won't pay. Let's not get into toys and clothes for the children that she ignores or the fact that I never buy anything for myself, I just give her what I don't spend on the boys. Where as she has been making Dad cover her lacking to the tune of well over a grand between groceries and bills she hasn't paid because she's convinced that maintaining her truck is more important than feeding her children. She thinks she's contributing more money than me, but that's only because she can't add and regularly forgets or outright dismisses things she doesn't want to be aware of.

I've been doing my best to make these bitching about Jen private. I have occasionally forgotten set the "Just Me" with obviously negative results, but this time I'm posting it out in the open for everyone to see because Jen does the same thing. If she wants to talk shit about me on Facebook where all of our friends ad families can see it, then why shouldn't my oldest and closest friends be able to read my genuine thoughts about exactly that situation?

Here's the bottom line. There is not one person who has actually seen us living together who did not agree with me entirely about every one of my concerns about Jen and her laziness. The only people who have disagreed with me have done it entirely behind my back while telling me something totally different to my face I have no reason to respect those opinions because she didn't either when they came from my actual family who wanted to call her daughter.
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