August 8th, 2011



I hate the double standards of today. I'm a good guy damnit! I may make an occasional mistake from time to time, but no more than most. I'm also more giving, considerate, patient, open minded, non-judging than any single person I've ever had an opportunity to meet. One person comes to mind that could have me beat, but he doesn't really count because he's like the one guy I know that's actually happily married and not fucking bat-shit... then again he might be.
My point is that, and more humility than anyone reading this will ever give me credit for, I can honnestly say that I've never met a less selfish or honnest person than myself. Everyone I have ever met is so unbearably selfish, and conceded, and judgmental of others to the point that I find myself offended and incapable of ignoring these qualities. Believe me, I've tried.
I'm getting off track here.
My point is that I go out of my way to be a good guy and yet constantly find others assuming that I have the most horrible motives. People accuse me of racism, sexism, perversion, every one of the seven deadly sins and I basically spend my whole life going out of my way to avoid giving anyone any reason to draw such conclusions.
That said, I'm like the only mother fucker out here that these judgements DON'T apply to. I crack jokes, but I don't actually believe I'm better than anyone. Yet every day I get judged by the guilty. Feminist, man hating lesbians constantly accuse me and all other pig men of being sexist! Yet we treat them better! Women demand equality, but they can flirt in the work place and turn around and sue a man for sexual harassment for saying nice dress. They also expect me to open the doors, pay for dates, make all the moves, do all the house repairs, yardwork, pay the bills... What I see is them crying out for equality when they really want is special treatment.
Every time I use the bus, I get to listen to black people say the most racist shit about how every cracker treats them. I've had a gun held against my head twice and I've seen two shootings, all four guns were in the hands of a black man. Mexicans used to trick me into trying extremely spicy thing and talk shit to my face growing up, thinking I couldn't understand spanish. Despite this, I'm not and never been a racist. I love racist jokes, but only because I love any horribly offensive joke.
It's always a fat guy who gives me shit for what I'm eating, god forbid I say the word 'Fatso' though. It's always the married guy that tells me how fucked marriage is, but don't say anything about his wife or he'll kill you!
I'm just bored stupid with people, how can I live a country like America and be surrounded by so many goddamn idiots? Seriously, this is the 21st century, I live in "the greatest country in the world," how is it that so many stupid ass people came to set the norm?
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