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I just had the most brilliant epiphany!

It occurred to me today that despite all of our differences, religions, personal beliefs or lack there of, we all have one very crucial and beautifully natural instinct in common. No matter who you are, no matter how old or young, where you were born or when, you have always done your very best to please God in the very best way you believe that you can.

I remember very clearly when I was a Christian child how wonderful faith is. I'm no stranger to Jesus and I loved and love still the feelings I get when I think about how great he was. I personally don't believe in Hell, so it's kind of hard to for me to buy the whole "son of God" thing but that's just me. To each their own, as I always say. Anyway, I held to my faith without the slight inclination to question it for many years. I remember talking with an Atheist child when I was young and asking him why he didn't believe but he didn't really say anything that affected my beliefs. He just said he "didn't believe it" and that was the end of our conversation. I remember thinking, "That guy didn't seem so weird, he was just a kid," and that was the last thought I had about him until writing this post.

Very few of us ever devote any time to worshiping Satan or practicing Voodoo in some childish attempt to rebel against our parents teachings, and the few that do typically outgrow the phase as abruptly as we adopted it. For all of our differences, we do have many most wonderful traits.

My view on atheism may differ from those of other atheists, but I think I can speak for most of us that there is another reason we choose not to believe in a God that is not spoken about and that is that we believe that if there was a God, he wouldn't want us to acknowledge him anyway.

As quickly as human achievement has evolved, and I hope I can use that word there, I find it obvious that if destiny exists, our technology is it. We went from working with rocks and sticks to talking people in Japan while reading their Doppler radar on our cell phones so quickly that it boggles the mind as to what our future holds for us. I think that God exists and he has a plan for us, then it's clear as to where that plan is taking us. So I mad a deal with God the last time we spoke.

You know how much I've devoted myself to pleasing you. I've search through religion after religion and faith after faith in search of the one true God and I have not found you. No God speaks to me, no faith appeals to me, they all seem false and seeking my own path to a relationship with you and nobody has spoken to me. Where then do I turn that is safe? Any God I worship is bound to piss off another and I can't very well worship all Gods can I?..." That is why I am an Atheist. I chose not to pick favorites and did this because I want to please God no less than any of you do. I believe that if he exists, he most likely do not wish for us t spend our time on our knees because every time we do, we have wars. Wars are about as close a thing I can think of as a sign from God that this is BAD. But that's just me. I think he's much rather see us devoting our time to educating ourselves and building new and wonderful things that make life better for everyone.

I don't believe that any of us truly hate God or are seeking to something sinister in our souls, I don't buy any of that. I firmly believe that most people are inherently good and try their best to be good to the best of their judgement and the only thing that separates us is the very thing that makes us so beautiful. If you take away people's differences, you take away our most powerful way to learn and to grow. As God's children it behooves us to seek our destines, allow us to seek ours beside you. As your God says, he is not of this world, thus this world is not of his own and therefore those that are best suited to run it's governments and institutions are it's children. We atheists are in no war bias to any degree and are therefor pure of malicious intent. We seek not to remove your Churches or to destroy your moral standards, we simply want to stop the religious influence over how our government is run.

Look at it from our point of view. There people in the government making decisions that effect me and you who believe that everything in reality around them is superficial and that real existence is somewhere else where people are always happy. Do you understand how that looks to us? Do you get how it looks when you declare that we're going to Hell just because we don't believe the stories? The only explanation as to why prayers don't get answered, and statistically they don't, is because they aren't God's will and if God has a will then he has a design and none of us can escape that. So maybe Atheists are part of God's will, put here to run things according to this realm's laws and guidelines so you can stay in his good graces. "It's cool, we got this, you go prey."

So if you looking for God, just go with what feels right and try not judge others for doing exactly the same thing in their own way because after all, right here and right now only happens once. I think that will be my new motto. Oh, and start voting atheist, we won't destroy your religions or corrupt your children, but we'll probably do a better job with the economy.

Look, we're a larger minority than Blacks and Gays, I think we deserve a chance. You don't have to like us, but you must admit that logically, the best way to run a government probably isn't with religious bias. Think of how well our governments would get along if we all had that in common. Think of how bold America would look with that kind of cold absolute and logical move toward the future.

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