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Embracing the Chaos (Introduction-Chapter1)

For those of us who have delved into the writings of Peter Carrol and found ourselves thirsting for more than simply a magical practicing system, here lies the path to a faith drawn entirely from the tenants of CMT. Call it a religion of Chaos if you will as it marries all current understandings of modern physics, biology and history with every religion along with numerous time tested philosophies. However the main subject matter of this book is not limited entirely to Chaos.
It has been my firm and long standing belief that despite the arguments from any form of fundamentalism, one can only honor God by striving to know who he or she is. In the modern age of science and understanding, even the most devout believer finds himself struggling with faith in one form or another. It is difficult even for the best of us to simultaneously find complete faith in both evolution and scripture without wild interpretations. This book attempts to bridge the gaps. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Pagan Jewish or Atheist, my hope is that you will find solace the pages that follow as they illustrate a non-hostile means of simultaneously finding truth in all religion and faiths.
This book aims to allow the reader to walk with their head high, able to simply answer "Yes," when a member of any denomination asks whether or not they believe in God. For there is truth in every book and there is compelling evidence for God's existence in the sheer number of us that subscribe to one regardless of title.
If this book achieves no other end, I will be grateful beyond words that you've learned how to accept and embrace all faiths around you.

Chapter 1

Chaos Magic Theory (CMT) states that we are subject to the realities of our own psyches. Our subconscious minds literally create the world we live in and through disciplined practice, we can in essence affect causality. The paradigm of our lives can be altered at will and through numerous means, we can literally control our destinies.
This is part of our purpose on earth in fact. Chaos theory tells us that as observers we solidify the world around us into our perceptions. A subatomic particle can be in numerous places at once, fluctuating in and out of reality in every sense of the word until observe it directly. The particle then snaps into a specific location until we look away at which point it reverts back to it's naturally chaotic state or in-existence. As observers, we literally cause the universe to exist in it's current state. Simultaneously, the universe continues to exist in every other probability as well. We are in essence observers of only one infinitesimally small fraction of the numerous realities existing in and around us.
One could argue that this is a mechanism of God's influence. Perhaps God leaves everything up to chance until the moment we encounter it and then solidifies our world around us just long enough for us to experience it. Whatever your perceptions of this may be, the argument is the same.
We, as observers exist to observe and record. The human brain records down to the detail, every image, sound and experience we encounter. Our only inability in recalling this constant record of information are simply due the limitations of our own hippocampus. In short, our higher minds recall and understand everything we've ever encountered but our conscious minds function as if trudging through mud by comparison.
Imagine, if you will, that your subconscious mind is everything you perceive God to be in regards to knowledge. In fact, your own limitations as a human being make this analogy more true than you probably realize as it knows and understands everything you can possibly imagine and more than ever gave it credit for. For the most part, if you pray regularly, you're communicating not to "God" but to your own mind which then effects causality directly manifesting your prayers in what can be interpreted as miraculous ways.
This is not to say that praying is useless or that prayers go unheard, quite the contrary, in fact praying may very well be the most important you'll ever do.
In my understanding, there are two Gods. The first is the God we believe in, worship, converse with and pray to. This God in may cases gets dismissed as inaccurate by members of opposing faiths and differs even in local communities from person to person. Let's face it, everyone has a different perception of God even if you go to the same place of worship and read from the same scriptures. This is because our understanding is limited to our own experiences in life and our "God" can only be as great as our minds allow.
Then there's another God, a creator by whom I shall refer to as "Chaos" throughout the rest of this book in the spirit of Peter J. Carroll who pioneered the concept. The term is free from the limitations of any attached dogma, it implies that which cannot be understood and which is infinite and it refers to to our greatest understanding of the paradigm of the universe itself. It cannot be reduced down to words of common interpretation and allows for the view of God as a force rather than an entity which is inherently limiting to the mind.
Try to view Chaos as something like an Akashic Record, a concept was derived from Hindu philosophy of Samkhya. Essentially, everything in existence is data flowing through the mind of God. All mater is made of energy and energy is really nothing more than a vibration or wavelength in the fabric of existence. That existence could be seen as the mind of "God" and the vibration as it's thoughts. Our very existence is in and of itself nothing more than the dream inside the mind of a meditating God.
This offers a clue to the age old question as to our purpose. As observers with free will we perceive reality with a relative perspective that is unique to each of us. As we live and learn, we collect data and interpret in our own unique means and this knowledge is expanded remarkably when we collaborate with our fellow observers. This information is unique to each individual and only continues to grow in depth with age.
Like energy, this information cannot be destroyed, it can be converted, but it is never lost. The accumulated knowledge of a lifetime is in essence downloaded into the akashic record upon our expiration. "We become one with God" if you will. We are freed of all earthly desires, we will know only peace and understanding and there is no greater joy than becoming one again with your creator. What this experience is for Chaos, on the other hand, is a method of growing. We are literally walking fragments of the mind of our creator learning through experience to eventually pass on our accumulated knowledge to Chaos to help it grow.
This is why sin is "bad." They prevent us from growing and learning and seduce us into static obsession with indulgence. Once a desire or addiction begins to take control of the mind, it inhibits us from growing spiritually. This may lead to any number of unwanted results.
The pagans refer to this mechanism as Karma. When a person casts a spell of dubious intent, this law returns the damage to them three fold. In fact, this mechanism is no punishment so much as it is a teaching instrument. Chaos will attempt to educate you in every step of your life, this is why you always seem to have new problems to deal with every time you finally muster up the courage and will to address the last ones that came along. You must find the inner strength to tackle your challenges head on if you wish to overcome them. Attempting to use magic or prayer to make them go away on their own will always backfire. When a pagan attempts black magic, what they're doing is ignoring the need within themselves to embrace acceptance and overcome their own adversity.
One of the main tenants of chaoism is that we always learn to change and to embrace the chaos. This is the fundamental reason as to why the magical workings of a chaoist are so much more effective than other methods of spells or prayers. Our spells target our own subconscious minds directly and specifically in a way that is simply unparalleled. The only thing that a man has any real control in this world over is himself.
By altering your perception of reality, the probability factor can be manipulated to produce another fractal along a more desirable tangent. In other words, what your beliefs are dictate reality and by altering your beliefs down to the subconscious level, you can literally manipulate cause and affect and even reality itself.
However, in order to practice magic properly, you must first understand it.
Pagans believe that magic is much the same as prayer but in a more direct and specific method. Essentially prayer is seen as asking God to use ethereal energy to accomplish a goal. In paganism, magic is accomplished by attempting to manipulate this energy either directly or with the assistance of any number of entities. Though each pagan subscribes to a uniquely different concept of a higher power, the success rate is about the same. That is slightly more successful than simple prayer.
This poses an interesting question. "Why do prayers to differing gods have similar success rates?" The answer is both simple and complex. That is, if you understand what prayer and magic is truly accomplishing then the outcome of any attempt can be very accurately predicted nearly all of the time. However, if you subscribe to faith that simply states that all prayer is the same, the outcome may and very likely will be entirely unpredictable.
Remember that there are two different forms of God. The first form is that of what your brain perceives God to be, the second is more grandiose, all seeing, all knowing but infinitely complex entity that cannot be understood on any logical level. Though you may consider your higher power to be these things, what few people take into account is that such a being is not reachable through conventional prayer. This may seem like unjustified speculation but the evidence is literally everywhere, including every known form of scripture.
To understand this, we must attempt to understand exactly the concept of "God's will" means. There is a significant difference between what many people interpret this to mean and no two people may agree. Often people perceive God as an invisible man like entity who exists on a separate plane than us with a will that influences our lives directly. They see him/her as taking specific interest in our lives and deciding what paths lie ahead of each of us. In truth, this is both impossibly incorrect as well as remarkably accurate and I shall try my best to describe why.
What God truly is is a force. It is the fabric in which the entirety of reality resides. The Bible says that one of the first things God created was a "firmament" and then went on to create rock and air and water. This is not untrue. That firmament is the very fabric of existence itself upon which all the tiny vibrations we call energy or strings which compose all mater in existence reside. It is the very fabric of existence itself which could be seen as this "firmament." Such a phenomenon is both universal as well as nearly impossible to truly perceive, thus making it "infinite" to the human mind as it exists on an infinitely small as well as an infinitely large scale. It is the universe in which our universe exists. This is the phenomenon more and more people perceive to be God through their own free will. It is the conclusion that most people ultimately make when attempting continue to believe in God without ignoring science. It is no coincidence that so many people perceive nature, or the universe itself to be God. We are drawn to such a conclusion because it is a universal truth. Yet it is still only a small fraction of the story.
All of existence, that is every particle of matter, light or dark energy, every force such as gravity or heat or life itself, every measure of time and space is but small fraction of an infinitely complex dream in the smallest corner of the mind of an entity so great that it cannot possibly be understood by the simple minds of humanities most intelligent geniuses. To even attempt in doing so would be nothing more or less than an insult to such an entity.
Thus the will of such an entity cannot possibly be understood. All one can do is to understand that if such an entity does in fact have a "plan" then it is inescapable for us and it does not matter what we do, it's all ultimately "God's will" that we are bound to in the end. This is not to suggest that free will is an illusion, in fact it is the most powerful tool we have to be of use to God.
The will of God could be seen as a reactive force that moves and gives like water with each of our decisions. When we choose to walk a direction on the intricate web of forks and turns on the road of life, the will of Chaos immediately compensates to effect us in the most educational ways. Remember that we are here for a purpose and that is to learn. Ultimately everything we learn will absorbed by the universe and we will become one with God so his nature is to keep us struggling and learning in life.
This is the fundamental reason behind the concept of "sin." The seven deadly sins are all obsessions and thus inhibitors. When food, money, laze, hatred, ego, sex, or jealousy seduce our minds and become the obsessions known as gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, lust or envy, they are sin. When these obsessions control our actions and thoughts, it prevents us from growing spiritually and ultimately from learning what the universe is attempting to teach us. Each religion has a different perspective on the same force of nature which is ultimately here to guide us in life. Christianity refers to it as being "Godly." We must all pay attention to the morals in the stories of these books and not the details as to why they are inaccurate.
Most educated people know that there is and never was enough water on Earth to flood the entire planet, but the story of Noah still has a very real moral. As a Chaoist, it is up to you to find it and draw your own unique interpretations. Be careful however not to slip into morbid or unfavorable views because of a distaste for a passage here or there. By dwelling on such negativity you only close yourself off to the true goal which is to make every effort to gain knowledge. It is this tendency that ultimately leads to an unhealthy distaste for religion and you must overcome this shortcoming and elevate yourself to a new level of understanding. I shouldn't have to explain why life can be so much more enriching without excluding yourself from a particular group based on unhealthy biases.
With this new understanding of the entity we call "God" one may struggle to understand why we need pray at all. This brings us back to the first interpretation of God of which I only momentarily touched on. This is where true chaoism takes on a different face entirely from that of every other form of faith. We believe that the subconscious mind is the true key to our most important power.
The human mind is truly and incredible thing. It has recorded and understood, on a level you will very probably never truly grasp, every single sight, sound, and experience you've ever encountered since your birth. The subconscious mind recalls everything and has the amazing ability to understand it more thoroughly than you'll ever know. It is for all intensive purposes, God. It is all seeing, all knowing and infinite. It is the source for our spiritual strength and the entity that is always listening when we pray. Some times we behave in ways that we cannot understand. We will quite often take actions that are seemingly completely contrary to our logic and nature. When we believe in any specific God, we unknowingly begin to immediately align our psyche with the interpretations we have that entity's perceived will.
By believing in the teachings of Jesus, for example, we unknowingly begin to behave more along the line of how we believe Jesus would behave in similar circumstances.
Furthermore, when we pray or cast spells or meditate, we are in direct communication with our own subconscious minds in the most effective ways. When we perceive an entity greater than ourselves and ask it directly for a cause, we are in essence programming our subconscious minds to believe new things. What few understand is that it is our subconscious that is directly tied to the ethereal realm, or the akashic record. In other words, our minds are directly tied to a higher mind which is directly tied to God's mind. This is the reason some spells and prayers do work and others do not. We are not capable of direct communication with the spiritual plane, our subconscious can, but we cannot. This is why children seem to have deeper connections with the spiritual realm as well as they have yet to develop their conscious minds to align with reality on the physical plane.
Unfortunately, many of us also take great offence when the validity of our beliefs are challenged. This is because we subconsciously attempt to defend our paradigms. We assume that what we have come to understand is true and then base behaviors and ideas upon those "truths" and a challenge to such a concept means the complete reorganizing and reconstruction of the very personality we have come to hold as our identities.
True chaoists, however, should strive to play like a child with play-doe with our own psyches. It is not uncommon for a chaoist to become a completely different person from one moment to the next. In fact it is the greatest tool for maintaining our sanity. For instance, if we find ourselves passing judgement on a religious group, to use one of but many possible examples, we will quite often completely align our views and beliefs with said religion and completely convert. Then, when a desirable degree of understanding is reached and we find that we can no longer look down upon it, we remarry our new found understanding with our old and reach yet another level of wisdom.
By doing this, we achieve several goals. First, we relieve ourselves of potential hindering character defects which is crucial for anyone who wishes to practice magic. We also acquire new resources for greater spell casting, such as new entities to call upon for any number of specific purposes. By opening ourselves up to other belief structures, we grow spiritually as well as intellectually while granting ourselves the valuable ability to relate to those around us more intimately rather than judge. Finally, and in my opinion more importantly, the removal of resentments, frustrations, judgments and hatred of any kind not only leads to a more spiritually peaceful existence, it promotes an overall healthier and positive psychology which allows us to enjoy life more effectively.
Another commonality between many varying religions is the concept free will. Speaking psychologically, the only person you have any control over is yourself. Pagans see any spell cast in an effort to change another person's will as black magic. This is not far from the truth. Ultimately the most powerful magic one can cast is upon themselves. It is far more effective to pray for patience than for more obedient children. You are far more likely to have success if instead of casting a love spell upon another person, you cast one upon yourself to open your heart to more compatible people. The greatest power we have is our own ability to change. Embrace it and run with it. The more you learn and let flow through you without clinging to concepts or ideas, the closer you shall come to true wisdom.

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