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People are Stupid

Occasionally, I am overcome by the realization of just how utterly incompetent people can be. I go out of my way on a general basis to avoid looking down on anyone because humility is an admirable trait. But once in a while I am simply taken aghast by the realization of how stupid people are. I watch people that I care about make life changing decisions at the drop of a hat over something emotional. My very own sister was married at the age of eighteen to a man she had only been dating for three months. I am made aware of peoples' stupidity every time I drive anywhere in the state and have my life put at risk.
Every time I pass the abortion clinic and see the protesters. Every time I even look at a newspaper and see what the great reporters of the twin cities have opted to place on the cover page. Every time I get on live journal some damn teenage drama queen has posted on how oppressive everyone is to them. Every time I walk down University ave some "big black mamma" is shouting so loud that I can hear her a quarter of a mile away talking about "her baby's daddy" because they feel that every person in the city should know about her life. Every time I try to ignore her I turn around only to see her 14 year old daughter doing exactly the same thing in the opposite direction. Every time I order a cappuccino from a pale faced art student. Every time I see someone poking along in the fast lane. Every time I hear someone try to explain to me that the government is the cause of every disaster natural and otherwise in the world. Every time I hear anybody use the term "like" two or more times per sentence. Every time I watch any television. I could just keep going...
More over than anything, I am so very tired of hearing people complain about life, especially when they seem to have brought it on their selves. I hate seeing these "OG" gangster type wannabes with their pants hanging around their knees complaining that their lives don't get better. Pull up your fucking pants, speak actual English and get a damn job instead of wasting your time trying to be a "gangsta" or stop bitching. I hate hearing those people that milk their back condition for welfare so they don't have to work complain about how poor they are. You know, the people that spend twenty hours a day at a computer at home but they can’t work a job that requires eight hours of the same thing. How about the people that talk about nothing but what's going wrong in their lives and then wander why you won't spend every waking moment thinking about them. People that move away from you and then wander why you never call. Women that dress like sluts and then wander why they only seem to meet men that are interested in sex. Men that don't have any self esteem because they can't seem to find a woman.
I need new peers.

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