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Truth is an interesting thing, some people have an innate ability to see the truth in people while others couldn't recognize it if you waved it in front of their face. Sometimes the truth needs to be spelled out. I have recently realized how much people that I know actually read my live journal and I there is a need to do some informing to those people. This will be the first time since the start of all of the mess that has happened recently where I have actively returned fire. The following is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...
In regards to any previous and future entries posted on this account, please be aware that this journal's main function is for my venting. If you have been taking any of the previous entries to heart, than you would probably think that I am an emotionally unstable and depressed person that seems to be constantly going through emotional trauma. This couldn't be further from the truth. I am a generally well grounded individual that, like all people, has the occasional drama. I use this journal to express how I feel in moments of extreme emotion so that I remain sane in the real world. So, for those of you that read the last entry, you needn't worry about my psychological well being, I am quite stable.
In regards to my dept to my ex. Some people have come to some conclusions about our finances throughout the duration of our relationship that need to be clarified. Firstly, I spent more money on her than she spent on me. This statement is true, anything anyone says that contradicts that statement in ANY way is a bold faced lie. I have recently spoken with my ex, and was quite disturbed to find out that she actually believes that she spent more on me than I did on her. Normally, I would let people believe what ever they want, but under this circumstance, someone that I care for is being hurt. Up until recently, she knew that I worked and brought home the majority of the money and that in one way or another, it ALL went to her. In fact, the only money that didn't go to her, went to insuring that I could continue to work and bring home more money to give her. Now she seems to believe what someone else with access to her bank account wants her to believe. I don't care what her account records say, they only tell one eighth of the story and up until someone she cared about and trusted (kind of like a father) manipulated her into believing otherwise, she was fine.
What bothers me is this, she was stable and sane, unhappy but sane. When someone convinced her that I had taken advantage of her monetarily, everything she came to know about me as true dictates otherwise and she would have to accept the illusion that I never showed my true face to her in the first place and that she never knew me. This caused her to have a nervous break down recently. In short, because you WANT to have excuses to hate me, (and you know who you are) you have caused more damage to the very person you care about the most. Feel free to believe all the lies you want, but also be aware that I am happy and so are all of my friends while you are not and you only seem to cause pain. God smiles upon the riotous.
Finally, for those of you that have forgotten what you know about me, I do not spread rumors of any kind, I speak only the truth, I have no interest in poking my nose into other peoples business, and if you think that I have wronged you in any way, you should know that I always own up to my mistakes and always do whatever I can to make an amends to the people that I have harmed. Thankfully, I don't have to do that very often, because unlike other people that I know, I don't barge into their house unannounced, corner them in their own bedroom and proceed to bark at them like some kind of junk yard dog for twenty minutes, throwing around accusations, calling names, making threats and the like. Oh by the way, give it your best shot taking me to court. Firstly, you don't have any kind of case at all because nobody entered into any kind of legal contract or agreement that any money was to be paid back. (Which works out well for her) It would take you months to even build a case, meanwhile there is the cost of an attorney and if it ever did make it to court, which also costs money, the judge would laugh in your face. He would recognize in an instant that you are just being spiteful and he would tell you to get out of his court room. On the other hand, I do have a very real case in my pocket as an insurance policy just in case you do try. Your threats are meaningless to me, sit down, shut up and stay the hell out of our business before someone else winds up in the emergency room over pettiness
For the rest of everyone that has been caught in the cross fire, had drama dumped upon you and for those of you that helped out in what ways that you could; I can only hope that this causes some people to seriously consider what their doing and hopefully you won't have to deal with any more of the mess of all of the above. I offer you my deepest thanks to everyone that offered a shoulder to cry on for me and for my ex, to everyone that just stayed out of it, and to everyone that was a friend in time of need. Hopefully I won't feel the need to do something like this again, but I hope you understand that I had to do something to stop what people are doing to her.
If my ex winds up reading this, I want you to know that I hold no resentments toward you and that I really want the best for you, please consider what I have stated above and realize that before all of these people started inflicting their opinions on you, you knew me well enough to know that I am not the kind of person that these people have been making me out to be. I was neither malicious nor ignorant, if you remember correctly, we understood the situation together.

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