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My reflections on Steve Irwin

Don't get excited, I'm not going to bash him, my bashings go to the media and their brainwashed viewers that won't shut the hell up about him. I have heard one thing or another every day about this man that has otherwise been little more than occasional joke material. I appreciate the fact that he has done great things and that he was a great man, but I don't think that everyone else around me does. Now, I know I'm not alone in this... If you don't rant and rave about how great someone is in life, than you have no right to put yourself across as a fan of that person once they've passed.
I am so tired of hearing people that have never mentioned one thing about Steve Irwin in the past, other than something along the lines of "What an idiot, for feeding a crocodile with his baby," talk about what a great man he was. How the hell would you know? Did you read his book? Did you watch even one of his shows? No? Then shut the fuck up and let the people that actually did care about him morn for his passing. You're either pretending that you've lost someone you care about just for an excuse to feel sorry for yourself and it's pathetic. If you want an excuse to feel shitty, just add up a rough estimate of the money you've earned over the course of your life and see where it's gotten you. Or you're pretending to give a shit so you don't have to feel like a cold hearted bastard. Now that I get, but you're still just as pathetic for being so afraid of what people think about you.
As for the rest of you, I feel for your loss, I have never seen some drink up life like he did and I think we could all learn something from that. Hopefully you can find someone just as amusing and educational raise your children for you from now on.
I know, I'm a ass hole, but at leased I'm honest.

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