mjolner (mjolnier) wrote,

We're all screwed...

Everyone wants the population to stop breeding so their children won't have to sit in traffic as long on their way to work, but no one is willing to make the sacrifice for it.
I've had this argument with many people but we aren't evolving anymore. I think that we are devolving because have failed to evolve to a state of control over our own animal instincts such as propagation. We'll "thin" a herd of deer to control their population without a seconds hesitation but it's MURDER if I kill you.
Maybe we should have an annual 'thinning' for the world, but what would the pro-lifers think? I think we should start with them because they're the most obvious victims of this genetic flaw. That's why abortion debate drives me up the walls, we have essentially two types of hypocrites accusing each other of hypocrisy in an endless debate that continues to reach new levels of complications on a daily basis when it's really so simple. "Don't kill babies!" and "Don't tell me what to do!" I'm more inclined to sympathize with the later just for the simple reason that we live in the United States of Don't Tell Me What To Do!
Considers the fact that relying on our ability to decide what's best for us has never once in the history of the world produced what's "best" for the general populous. More simply, what makes you think you know what's best for you. Let alone me?
In short, everyone just needs to shut the hell up and focus on cleaning up their own train wreck of a life... and then die.

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