What am I going to do?

I don't know how much longer I can keep on doing this.

Jen has been to the emergency room two to three mornings a week for the last month now and it's getting worse.

My boss just fired me cause I took off Friday. I don't blame him, it's not his fault I can't get to work 5 days a week, but now that Jen and I are both unemployed because of her asthma, what am I going to do?

She's going to die one of these days and I'll be a single father without a job or a place of my own.

There aren't words to describe how it feels when the woman you love gets hauled away in an ambulance three days a week.

I knew I was going to wind up getting fired over this, but what am I supposed to do? I wish God would give me a sign... I miss feeling like someone's in control of my life even if I'm not.
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Dominium Appartment Management Co.

Here's the set up:
Today Jen's car was towed because she failed to move it before the snow plows came. She was struggling with her asthma for several hours by this point but when she looked out the window and began to scream. Her mother called and I was on the phone with her when Jen's panicked crying began send her asthma out of hand. I told her mother to come get her and take her to the hospital and Jen went downstairs to wait. I stayed behind to watch the kids till she called me from the hall.

She told me to call 911 so I sent for some paramedics to the usual address and headed back to find her leaving in her mom's car. I rushed out the door with both of the apartments phones in my hand to ask her what I was going to tell the paramedics when they arrive(a foolish move but I was slightly panicked), and wound up locking myself outside without a coat or hat in the Minnesota winter. Jen told me she didn't have her cell-phone(she has the buzzer set to her cell) or the keys so I told her I'd ask the office to let me in and headed that way.

Here's where the story get's irritating.
Into the office I went with both phones in my hand in a button up shit and slacks on in the middle of winter a day after a blizzard. I introduced myself to the man behind the desk as Jen's babysitter, explained that she is on the way to the ER in dangerous condition, mentioned that there were two children upstairs unattended and as politely as I could, asked him if he could let me in the building.

The manager lady I have been having trouble with since we moved in interrupted the conversation and said "Are you on the lease?"
"Then no, we can't; you'll have to have one of the tenants let you in."
I began to turn with a frown, completed a 180 degree turn and held up the phones in my hand. "Well, is there any way we could call her and straighten this out over the phone?"
"She would have to come in here personally and give me a written letter with her permission or we would be legally liable."
I turned away while she was still talking and began for the door completely unamused when the man I was speaking to said "I'm sorry...?" as if asking for forgiveness.
"I understand." I announced monotonously as I reached and opened the door.
"Are you alright?" The man asked.
"I'm not great..." the door closed behind me and finished the conversation under my breath, "... why is she even here? Why would anyone want someone around their home to tell people 'no' all the time? Oh, and tow are fucking cars!"

I wound up piggybacking on a tenant despite the police's repeated attempt to get in with the emergency key set. The insisted on coming upstairs to make sure everything was on the level. They had a look around, asked me some questions about my relationship to her and the kids and then they left. I then got a call from Allina hospital, it was Alanna asking me if I got in alright, I told her what she said and she recommended that I document the situation so here I am typing this down.

My last conversation I had with her was a few months ago and went like this:
I was taking out the trash and put a potholder in the door to let myself in with but she was in the building and came out as I reached it.
"Oh, that's mine, I was just taking out..."
"Okay, you can't hold the door open."
"I'm sorry.... I was just taking out the trash though."
"Oh, do you live here?"
"No, I'm just the babysitter."
"Uh-huh." She couldn't have been more condescending or sarcastic.

The situation is getting interesting because the sub flooring in the apartment is rotten and collapsing, the toilet sits at a tilt because of how bad the sub flooring is. The promised Jen a heated garage when she first moved in and then changed that to no garage but she can have a perking permit. Jen tried to fight it but of course she just held a piece of legal paperwork in front of Jen's face and told her to get fucked(figuratively speaking of course).

Why do we need to tolerate this shit? Management companies are all the same. They lack any real human compassion, they throw a new paint job on the building, change the name to include "Luxury" in the name and then charge $200 more per month. The manager sits at a desk all day collecting salary and hands out threatening letters to the tenants that miss their rent once a month and when someone without any warm clothes on cames walking in with a genuine problem and needs help, they turned me out into the cold!

So basically, management companies piggyback on the revenue of the apartment complex and serve little more function than to piss off your tenants. How do they convince apartment owners to let them run their buildings?
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Insurance companies are the lowest form of scum on this planet. They should be outright illegalized altogether and a new system needs to be instated to insure that people have some real options if and when something happens.

Every time it has ever actually mattered, every insurance company has repeatedly failed time and time again. We pay these companies to keep our interests safe, they take the money and pay themselves with it until an occasional auto accident or house fire occurs in which case they find whatever excuse they possibly can to not pay. They fail over and over again to protect people which the whole reason we have them.
Why the fuck am I required by law to pay for auto insurance that won't do me any damn good anyway? IF they ever decided that there is no excuse to not pay, they'll just jack your rates up anyway!

We pay these companies hundreds of billions of dollars each year to protect our investments. We invest in these companies and when it actually matters we get nothing. They failed again and again to protect the investments of the people in New York, New Orleans and across the country in our daily lives.
Health insurance caters to the rich only. If you think otherwise, you're wrong. Insurance comes in a variety of packages and only people that can afford to pay thousands of dollars a month get real insurance coverage. The rest of us face a battle with some attourney hired by the insurance company. His job is to make sure that you pay for your own vehicle repairs, medicine, surgery, house repairs, furniture, etc.
Their job is to convince us that they have our interests in mind but they really do not. They take your money, and refuse to give it back if they can find any excuse they possibly can to not pay and when we actually needed them to do their fucking job in New Orleans, they failed spectacularly.

These are the companies that drag down the economy. We keep creating these middleman positions, we automate and outsource our labor and they charge more and more money for the plastic cars they make today. The rich are taking more, the middlemen are taking more and the labor force is getting less and less.
We BUILT this fuckin country with the strength of our backs! We ARE the founding fathers! Carpenters, craftsmen, manufacturers, farmers, they all gave us the country we have today and yet more and more of us are going out of work! Meanwhile CEOs for these companies that bankrupted the economy in the first place and stole our homes from us get nothing less than the red carpet treatment from our own president.
Our economy is more than $14 trillion in debt, 6 Trillion or more went to bailout the very companies that are responsible for our situation in the first place. This pisses me off to no end because I really wanted to trust Obama but he really let us all down with these bailouts. He left the companies we actually need out to die and gave trillions to companies that turned around and bought more cars for their CEOs with it.
They are criminals of the worst kind and should be given nothing less than the death sentence in my opinion.

When I learned that Obama wanted to nationalize health care, I was thrilled. This was the first real idea that could possible do some real good for the american people and the insurance companies immediately started to complain. They came up with every excuse they could possibly think of to make it seem bad and now a huge number of republicans are against it. Go figure. They spammed the media in every possible corner with propaganda that healthcare will somehow magically bankrupt the country and people are buying it. The insurance companies have taken over the world. They run america now. These companies are among the wealthiest organizations in the world and they pick and choose which presidential candidates we get to choose from. Where do you think these politicians get their funding? Insurance companies are the largest campaign contributors, plain and simple.
Now, they have profit in mind when they take any action. What does that tell you about who we get to choose from on voting day? Presidents are put in power to keep things the same.

What happened to this country? Our forefathers would have tared and feathered these people and run them out of town for the crap they are pulling!

So the bottom line is this, these men run our country with the money they convince us that we need to pay them. They have direct ties with the vast majority of every politician from both democratic and republican parties and they control directly influence our government. Our economy is in it's current condition because of the crap these assholes pulled and what did our politicians do when the chips started to drop? They bailed out the insurance companies. Think about it.
The real reason you are required by law to wear your seatbelt is because the insurance companies don't like to pay. I've found that a lot of the laws that don't make sense will start to make sense if you think this way.

I think we're going to see some really cool shit in the next 30 years if this trend in free thinking continues. Perhaps there will be a revolution in our lives.
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I've recently begun working again. (About two months ago actually...) I got a hold of my old boss Dana and after a few minutes of chit chat he was asking if I "needed work." I told him I was really hard up for work and that. We did a few jobs together over the course of about three weeks or so and then it was dry for a week while I helped him get his new home ready. I helped him scrape, float out and paint the ceilings, then pull wallpaper off of and scrub glue off his walls, then skim, sand and paint his entire interior. Oh, and I did some plumbing, moving, carpet removal and learned to walk on stilts too. He paid me $100, daily lunches, all the MD Amp i could drink, and a tank of gas for my work... I almost refused the $100...
I began working with Richard shortly after getting Dana's house ready for the move. Dana's currently doing some subcontracting work and can't use me so Richard snagged me up. Now, things have gotten a little fast. Richard needs me to work on all the good days with little forewarning due to the weather we've been having. He's going crazy trying to get these jobs done and my unavailability on Mondays due to having no babysitter is getting old really fast.
Jenifer was in the ER twice this month. She is currently getting over pneumonia and she just had an attack so now she's on prednizone and completely bipolar. Dana needs me to move my new couch out of his new garage, Alana needs me to get Dad to move some furniture I don't even want. There's no groceries, the apartment's an real need of being sorted thoroughly washed and sanitized. If I have to clean that damn cat box again I'm gonna stuff he pillow with it! I didn't want the cat, the birds or the god damn deer sleeping in my bed while I'm away, but guess what.... grrr....
Anyways, JD's just begun really communicating with his words. He 's talking in full on, though inexperienced, sentences. He's still a bit difficult to understand but he'll get used to saying things and become more clear as the weeks slither by this upcoming winter.
I still don't have enough to make it to California yet and it's getting close to December. I'll have enough for a bus ticket but I really would like to take my children to Disneyland this Christmas like my parents did when I was young.
My knowledge is growing so fast due to the internet that I've become addicted to it. I look up anything and everything. I spend all my time debating with people over political, physics related, religious, scientific, environmental, mythological, historical and philosophical topics. Often I seem to have the last word in most subjects, barring the occasional "Oh yeah? Well, you're stupid!" or some other arbitrary and hollow comment. Yet I feel like one of the dumbest people around.
I'm an Atheist now. I'm not sure how long this will last, but knowing my track record, I'll probably be something else till I learn enough about it to get annoyed and move on... not sure how that can happen with Atheism yet but the Christians assure me that it's a "belief in no God"rather than just having no need to waste my time on imaginary things. I'm more interested in sociology, environmental concerns and global poverty right now.
I've had such a depressing sex life that I'm getting turned off by Jen... unless she's naked or something I just feel put off by her. I constantly feel like she doesn't give a shit about me, she doesn't touch me at all, she says she loves me but all she ever does is work or play World of Warcraft. She never spends time with me or the kids. The sex I get is lame as hell, she just lays there and when we were done she said "I felt bad for Ryan because he never gets to have sex, so I thought I should try to take care of my man's needs more often. The worst part is that I'm so frustrated I pushed my pride aside and said "That would be nice." I would like to have said "Take your pity sex and shove it up your ass!" but I'm not above it cause I have no self respect. I cook or some more money gets spent on something else terrible for the children so I basically do it all.
Now why the fuck is it that if I were to end this now I would only get to see my son as often as she let me see him? She smokes weed, she plays World of Warcraft all day long, she steals groceries, she pays her bills with money her mother gives her and spends hers on junk food and drugs, she spent my student loans, now I'm going to collections and my future is destroyed... I've never met anyone so selfish, self absorbed, negative, greedy, neglectful or hateful. Once, right after a fight with Jen, I slapped JD across the face because he wouldn't stop screaming. I love my son and I would never hurt on purpose. I wasn't even thinking about hitting, him, I was just angry and my hand moved on its own... I'm not proud of it and I'll never do it again, but I'm still the evil one in her and her mother's eyes. My whole life, all I ever wanted was a women that would hold me and tell em everything's going to be okay... I found one that pushes me away and makes me fetch her drinks instead.
Richard and Dana can keep me busy all winter between the two of em, I can save up for a bus ticket to California in that time and the break from things here will be nice.
Many people ask me why I'm still here. I wish I had a good answer, but instead I have one that's good for me and a dozen little ones that aren't good enough for anyone else.
It's a roof over my head, I only have two other places to go. One; I lie on my dad's single room apartment hardwood floor next to him not sleeping due to his snoring, two; I go live with Dawn again and destroy that friendship further than I already have while simultaneously throwing away my career as a painter. That's a logical reason.
An emotional one would be my son. For him, I owe him more than 3 years of trying. I want him to at leased remember me as someone before I give up all home on my family. I want her to snap back to the woman I love. I want her to give up the weed, the WoW and the "sex is dirty" mentality. I want her to care whether or not I think she's sexy. I want her to think of me half as much as I think of her. I wish she would touch me like she used to. I wish she would get wild like she used to and take me to the bedroom. We never go out any more now that she makes all the money. I can since the Jen I love just under the surface but it's like she gets buried deeper and deeper down away from me every day that passes.
I get to chose instead. I get to make a choice whether to stick it out to the bitter end and possibly never get back the woman I fell in love with, or walk away and face myself every morning knowing that sex and affection were the reasons I don't hear my son laughing when I wake up anymore. I have the opportunity before ever finishing college whether go make a life for myself and maybe find happiness in my future, or stay here and tolerate more nothing from her for the next God knows how long but I get to see my son every morning when I wakeup and he's here growing in front of me every day when I come home from work he'll be here.
It's no contest. For him, I would stick it out till the world was going to end trying to make a relationship work no matter how bleak the outlook appeared.
With this in mind, my small reasons are: I get to play WoW all day if I want and smoke pretty much as much pot as I want and she's cool with it. I just can't be myself in public I get the "SCOTTY!!!"(*arm punch*) if I start to have too much fun. I do get occasional sex with a warm cadaver, cable on a 42 inch HD TV, Dad swings by weekly and makes more fun for me with sugary sweets, this is life. I'm living a life, and even though it's not what I always wanted, or remotely close to one I would have been content with, I am still comfortable with me decision to stay her for another year and decide next whether I want to do another year of hard time in the State Jen. We'll see if she grows up enough to take helpful suggestions without throwing honorific insults in front of our friend again next year when I try to talk to her about what would make me happy again.
I've gotten tired of trying. I'm out of ideas as to how to make her more pleasant,she just gets angry and it's getting us nowhere. Id rather sit here with her ignoring me behind me on her laptop forever than have another meaningless fight which gets us nowhere.

What else is there....? Oh, I got my vitamins today. I used to take 5 supplements twice every day: Vitimins C, B12, E Beta Carotene and Selenium. I distinctly recall being thinner, stronger, faster and more coordinated back then so I'm hoping that taking them again will helm me get back in shape by making me want to do stuff again. We'll see what changes I experience as the next few weeks unfold.

Tristan's going to get himself killed...

A few years ago Tristan got a "Lucky the Talking Spring Horse" for Christmas. Within minutes I was already driven to the brink of madness with it's stupid ear worm song that it sings.
"I'm a little pony! Clippity Clop! Clippity Clop! Such a pretty pony! Clippity Clop! Clippity Clop!..."
That aside, I was happy to be silently annoyed with the dumb thing to avoid ruffling the feathers Tristan's grandmother who bought it for him.
Nevertheless I , having constructed the damn thing, was nervous about what I considered to be a design flaw I perceived to be potentially dangerous. What you cannot see in the image is that the horse is suspended by four trampoline stile springs which hook onto steel loops on the horses rear and front foot rests. They then hook onto some plastic fittings which protrude from the supporting bars which suspend it. These plastic fittings are only about three inches long and they are held inside these rather thin tubes of metal with a single, 1/4 inch screw through each pipe and into the plastic. You can't see this because in the image they cover it up with a matching red plactic sleeve which is theoretically for protecting your child's skin from the tensioner spring.

Today I walked into my son's room this morning, saw that it was broken and fixed it for him only to find that he had pulled it apart again before I was even done making breakfast and he was struggling to fix it like Daddy just did before Daddy sees...

Here's where my concern lies. The front right spring won't stay in the pipe without the screw which is simply gone now. If it were to give out with a child on it, then suddenly the child would fall face forward to the right straight into a protruding pipe. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid, but I've seen a man in the hospital with an anchor through his head at one point in my YouTube.

I took the toy away... I'm debating whether or not to throw it in the trash or store it till he's older and returning it to him when he's grown up for sentimentality. What if someone else's child does have the accident in question and loses an eye?
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Pep talk...

This I promise to myself,
A vow upon blood and grave,
I will change the world.
The road will be long,
the journey will be fierce,
the work will be far
the perils will be great,
But I will change the world.

Our food is unfit to eat,
Out water, unfit to drink,
Our air, unfit to breathe,
Our words, unfit to heed,
Safe is a word of no meaning,
Freedom is an illusion,
Democracy is a joke,
The planet in danger,
Our own lives endangered,
No more food,
No more air,
No more homes,
No more water

I will change the world,
If it kills me trying,
I WILL change the world

The technology is here,
The resources are here,
The power is here,
The method is sound,

We can make you better,
We have the technology,
All I need to do is find a way.
I've got all the time I need.
I will find a way to change the world.
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This guy had some time on his hands.

I had watched some YouTube film and I had left a.... slightly sarcastic... comment to see who I could get riled up and well... I found someone smart. Have you ever had the misfortune of having someone correcting your grammar or correcting you on some meaningless date in mid sentence? Don't you just want to slap the hell out of em? Well, I got one guy back. He had a lot of useless facts to back up his meaningless argument and although I could have torn them all apart, I decided to make the most of the situation.
My problem with all three Abrahamic religions is that there is nothing but evil associated with them as far back as history covers them. Jews, Muslims and Christians all claim to follow a peace loving religions but people are dying RIGHT NOW in the name of all three religions. Religion has killed and continues to kill more people than any other concept ever made up and now they're taking the whole freakin planet with them!
Oh, what we could accomplish if we weren't so ignorant of history.

Instead of parroting the favorite myths of the atheist/agnostic faith, you should investigate facts.

Yes, there have been atrocities committed in the name of various religions; and I won't attempt to defend the followers of Mohammad, because their holy book, the Quran, actually tells them to kill Jews and Christians who refuse to pay tribute and /or become their slaves.
Your errors are listed as follows
You still make false points. Your first mistake is to lump the three monotheistic religions together. Then you make false statements.

For instance...
Just four atheistic dictators of the 20th century have killed more people than all the religious wars in all of world history: Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot. Some of these dictators may have used and subjugated religion in order to rise to power, but they have clearly stated their principles, and that they were atheist.
alfredspewman (22 hours ago) 0 Reply | Spam
- A religious faith should be judged by the results that occur when it is accurately followed, not by the inaccurate distortions some may try to make of it by taking one verse out of context, and running with it.

For instance, the Bible makes clear that a Christian must be honest that some things are right, while others are wrong, but the way to convince others is by loving them in truth, not by forcing them to become Christians.
A Christian convinces others by loving them in truth, not by forcing them to become Christians. Jesus was the first example of this, as He was happy to visit and eat with prostitutes and corrupt tax collectors as He taught them the better way. This was much to the chagrin of the proud leaders of the day. So that small, weird church from Kansas that has been in the news is obviously not following Christ when they run around saying God hates, various groups.
The result of Christianity is that for the first 300 years, people became Christians, not from coercion, but from seeing how differently the Christians lived.
In the ancient world, if you got sick with plague, or leprosy, or many illnesses; then you were shunned, and you starved, and you died... but people saw that Christians were going to these leper colonies, etc, and were feeding, and caring for the strangers there, sometimes even getting sick themselves, but they kept doing it.
In the ancient world, if you were a woman, you were the property of your father, and then of your husband. You had no rights; your husband could kill you if he wanted, and no one would care., but Jesus changed that, too. People saw that Christians had stable families, and husbands and wives who respected each other. Husbands learned to understand their wives, rather than treating them like cattle.
In the ancient world, if you were poor, then you either starved, or sold yourself into slavery but people saw that Christians would feed the poor and help them, whether they knew them or not.

These are just a few of the lifestyles of the early Christians that drew people to them. Pagan Roman governors wrote dispatches to Rome showing they were perplexed by this new faith, which was admirable in every way, except that its adherents refused to worship the emperor, even at pain of death.
alfredspewman (22 hours ago) 0 Reply | Spam
This peaceful, truly beautiful process in the early church only ended when the Roman emperor made Christianity the "official state religion" - truly a corrupting event.

So, when subsequent tragedies, such as the Crusades or Inquisition, were done by people In the name of God, the right response is to investigate whether they were done in accordance with the scripture of that faith, or whether they were done in direct contradiction to their own scripture.
alfredspewman (22 hours ago) 0 Reply | Spam
When you investigate whether actions done "in the name of God" were done in accordance with the scripture of that faith, or whether they were done in direct contradiction to their own scripture, then you can rightly determine whether it is appropriate to condemn the faith itself, or to condemn the person who did that thing.

God should not be "blamed" for the actions of people who claim to follow him, but who do the opposite of what He tells them to do.
Alfred, I was tempted to shoot down all your "facts" with the context you pulled your from, but that would be both pathetic and a completely useless waste of my time.
Instead, I'm going to point out your idiocy by simply restating myself.
"Religion has killed and continues to kill more people than any other concept ever made up."
1) I in no way make even the slightest suggestion that Atheism is clean of blood, nor do suggest that I was referring exclusively to religious wars.
2) You have failed entirely to realize that even the four people you mentioned were motivated by morals embedded in them by religious upbringings which only validates my point further.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation." Herbert Spencer

I picked the quote to be pompous, does if wear well on me?

Did you see that? Many of you may be wondering why I didn't tear his out of context "facts" apart with real information, I had the knowledge to fight him at his own game and prove to the whole blog that I be smarter. Instead I decided to make him look like an idiot without proving my intellect to the room.
I would much rather him keep his ridiculous notion that I am not intelligent and believe that he has been outsmarted by a fool. As an aspiring psychologist, I know how this will affect his ego and I cannot wait for his reply.
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Atheists account for 16% of the American population, 92% of the world's scientists and are a growing minority. We are a huge minority, there are more Atheists in the United States then African Americans, Homosexuals, Asian Americans and all the other smaller minorities that have college scholarships and other advantages.
I don't know if God really exists, deep down I feel like there is a God and even Jesus, though I don't think I'll ever subscribe to the concept of Satan. I live my life like an Atheist because I believe that religion gives people too much comfort and often leads to unnecessary violence. The War on Iraq is an example of religious war continuing even today. The truth is that the Islams hate us because of their religious views, and we Americans have different morals and values due to our religions too(more than 80% of Americas are Christian). I chose not to believe in Heaven, God or Armageddon because the planet is dying around me while others have these excuses to ignore this unsettling fact. We are intricately involved with the ecosystems and weather phenomena of Earth and yet we destroy it because of the pompous notion that the world was God's gift to us and that it's all going to end some day anyway, or God could always make more animals. These ideas are killing us in that they inhibit us from taking greater action to saving the planet.
I believe that the single most important thing that the whole world should be focusing on is working to reverse the damage we've done and are doing to the planet. We doom ourselves if we don't take action soon.

This brings me to my point. How do you unite the world?

You can't, everyone feels isolated from everyone else. Everyone seems to dislike everyone else. A lot of people want Armageddon to come because of the utter loathing they feel toward their own neighbors. It's not their fault they feel that way, a few hours a day in traffic would make anyone grumpy and the fact is that everyone is competing so very hard over every available career field, each with their own sociological structure that you must learn and abide to, then there's bills, mortgages, insurance, credit scores, money, money and more money to stress over. You get so frustrated and you wonder why nobody else seems to have this much trouble. America is full of pent up frustration, and we take it out in creative ways. Religions give us something to fight against but more importantly, we get violent, hateful, stubborn and often stupid. alcohol, drugs, politics, the military, science, LiveJournal, television, gambling, climbing the corporate ladder, raising children, sleeping around, etc. we all have our religion if whether it has Dogma or not. We compete and we wait in line for the whole of our lives and it's driving us mad so we seek a philosophy and we live by it. The multitude of beliefs that separates us is extraordinarily difficult to a society as large as ours to overcome but look around!
When my mother was growing up she heard about school shootings all the time. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and I heard about one. One school shooting, so infamous that people remember it and cry about it to this day... Columbine... This is an extrordinarily positive thing. For all the complaining we do as a society, we are evolving into something wonderful and beautiful so very quickly. Crime rates in all the world's major cities is at an all time low by percentage of the populous. We are appalled at violent acts upon each other more fervently than ever before in history and we have technology to thank for it. Wars have fewer casualties and get resolved with less blood shed.
Technology helps us become more tolerant of others, we communicate with people across the world sharing almost anything; music, pictures video or even a simple text in the blink of an eye. The internet is getting more and more easily accessible to everyone. We're getting more depth from the plots in our movies because the old stuff just isn't keeping our attention anymore. We're getting smarter as a society at an incredible rate and we're learning to coexist with each other and hopefully eventually illuminate violent acts against people all together if not reduce it dramatically. These are positive things I'm seeing. Technology is illuminating the work force which means that in the future not everyone will work and the jobs that will exist will be in more rewarding career fields, such as engineering, agriculture, space exploration, archeology, computer design and programming, and other fields that will benefit society as a whole. This will free us from the mundane jobs at McDonald's leaving us with more free time to spend raising our families, learning, being creative and enjoying life. We just have to tolerate the stabilization of the economy in the mean time.
The only thing that truly worries me is the condition of the planet, I wonder if the planet can support us as life long enough for us to get there. We have the technology and resources to feed, clothe, shelter and offer transportation to the whole world, not one person excluded and 8 years ago we had the money to do it too. If we automated everything we possibly could in manufacturing with our current technology, we could illuminate 80% of the worlds working force in a year. That's a lot of gas saved.
If we uploaded all known resources in the world as well as some basic mathematical programs into a computer, it could tell us what the best materials to use for the environment as well as the quality of the product being made. If we made products to their fullest quality, there would be hardly any waste because the product would last your whole life which reduces the number of items needed and waste produced while offering you, the consumer, the best quality product a super-genius computer can design.
Homes could be built this way, completely relocatable and interlocking with others so that you could stack them and still be nicer that the richest man't mansion.
The economic system we have is actually inhibiting us from evolving as a society. Competition has us producing cheaper and cheaper products at higher prices every day. Plastic cars costs 10 times as much as their older solid steel counterpart cost back in the day.
It's time for us to evolve, and let the chips fall where they may. We can make a world for ourselves that we can see. Not our children's' children's' children, but us. Here and now, we can start paving the way for a brighter future and if we all did just simple little things to work for this future, we could see it before we expire and we can finally feel like we've left something good behind for our children.

If you agree with this, or are intriqued, then please look at for more ideas about the future from a man that knows more about the future than anyone else alive. Jacque Fresco has been working for 60 years on ideas about how we can easily progress toward this end and in a fast and effective way.
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Sociological theory...

My belief is that religion is thew side affect of ignorance. With 92% of the world's scientists claiming Atheism, the United States having both the second highest percentage of religious populous along with one of the poorest education systems in the world. These facts tell me a number of things:
1) The ignorant are far and away more likely to be religious, which explains fanaticism, fundamentalism and religious murder.

2) Since the most intelligent people in the world became Atheists through their pursuit of knowledge, there must be no God, and I know this because no one that disagrees possess mental powers that these scientists do not.

3) There's no fucking reason for religion. If you are so afraid(or hell for that matter) of death that you feel the need to believe in some invisible sky Daddy that will grant you an afterlife, then do so. However, you don't need to go to church to do this. In fact, with more than 200 forms of Christianity alone in the United States alone, not to mention the other hundreds of religions and branches they each have; there's no possible way that you can ever know that your religion is right and yet you do. You KNOW it.

4) ALL of the most horrific and EVIL shit that has EVER happened in the world was religious. This disappoints me because I know so many people that are good people and try to make the religion they follow into something positive and good. Yet every time I turn around it turns into something not just evil, but burning people alive kind of evil, fucking little boys evil. Religions are the WORST places to get moral fiber.

5)This bullshit concept about "Armageddon coming soon so there's no need to conserve the plannet" is the most horrific thing yet. Now we're going to let the whole world and all it's many millions of life forms and cultures ecosystems go to shit, all because you believe, word for word, the writings of a book that also say that it's alright to sell your daughter into slavery, stone your disobedient children and that it's alright to sacrifice your son to "God" if the voices in your head tell you to.

6) We handed our country to President Bush with the largest surplus in American history(3 Trillion dollars), and he gave us back the country with the largest deficit ever(11 Trillion dollars). He destroyed our relations with a dozen allies and made us the laughingstock of the world. His "War on Terrorism" butchered our constitutional rights, cost us our current debt(not the fall of the WTC), which in turn cost the world it's current debt which is still getting worst(despite what the news would have you think). Bush killed America and destroyed the world with his constant disregard for Congress's objections of his methods which included destroying your rights. We sacrificed our retirement pensions, our homes, our children and our futures for this war on Iraq and even if you look at it from the most positive possible light, we still lost it all for oil. Now, if you are accused of being a terrorist, you can be taken from your home, given no rights to a lawyer or even a phone call, all your property can be confiscated you can be tortured, deported and imprisoned for years without evidence(This has all already happened to numerous people, so you can stop your internal duologue about this being a paranoid conspiracy theory), all in the name of fighting terrorism. Here's a link to one such story...
Here's the best part: on average, 70 Americans die from terrorist attacks each year and we spend $161.9 billion to prevent it, yet on average, 450,000 americans die each year from coronary heart disease and only we spend about $3,000 to fight it. The USA today has 224,457,000(85%) Christians living in it, many of whom voted for Bush based entirely on his religion because Christianity convinces people that only Christians have "decent morals" and that investigating the authenticity of such a claim is for hieratics.

Judaism, Islam and Mormonism are no better that Christianity and no matter how hard we try to make these faiths into something positive, they well always and forever hinder the progress of society from evolving and there will always be War and murder in the name of religion.

Stop going to church, by paying money to these orgonizations you only perpetuate the existence of the most destructive orgonizations in the history of mankind as well as all the delusional concepts that hinder the progress of society as a whole. If there truly is a God then it would want you to interpret your Dogma in your own way and to be humble with your faith. Doubt is humble, it's smart, and it's fair. It's time to wake up and see what damage religion has done and is currently doing to the world from the Muslims killing the "Infidels," the Christians electing president Bush because he follows the same religion(and if you still think he did "the best he could" then you might have forgotten that we handed him the country with a 3 trillion dollar surplus

That's just my view on the facts though...
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